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A Benchmark in Safety - Guilford Young College's Hybrid Flying System Educates and Protects


Hobartís Guilford Young College have positioned themselves as an educational gateway to the arts with the completion of a purpose-built performing arts centre at their Glenorchy campus. The culmination of years of discussions, consultations with partner organisations and fundraising have led to the establishment of a new...



Sydney Theatre Company Takes Cues with Clear-Com


Live theatre is a form of shared ritual magic, in which the audience willingly suspends their disbelief in the artificiality of the performance in order to experience the full range of emotion and learn more about what it is to be human.



Hillsong Church Tune Their Radios to Shure


The recent TV frequency re-stack and associated sell-off of bandwidth by the Australian federal government had radio microphone and in-ear-monitor users around the country checking their inventory for compliance, and replacing equipment that would no longer reliably function or be legally operable after the changes.



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