Speech Transfer Systems

Ampetronicís Speech Transfer systems make communication through security screens easy and comfortable in applications such as banks, post offices, book makers, correctional facilities and even taxis.

All Ampetronicís Speech Transfer Systems either feature a hearing loop output or have an integrated hearing loop driver, so that users with telecoil enabled hearing aids can take advantage of the same great audio quality.

You can find out more about Hearing Loop system types here

We offer free Hearing Loop advice, estimation, and Standard system design service, so donít delay Ė contact us for help or a quotation today.

TalkPerfect DX Intercom System

The TalkPerfect DX Intercom Speech Transfer system is designed to improve communication at fixed screen security counters. Based on proven, reliable and patented technology, the full duplex (two way) system amplifies speech for both customer and staff whist minimising background noise and actively reducing acoustic feedback.  

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