lets move it with ASM! Professional solutions for drive & control applications

ASM Steuerungstechnik ('control engineering') manufactures a range of innovative products for use in the entertainment industry. This range includes C1 compliant Chain Hoists, Steel Band Hoists, and a family of controllers.

ASM hoists are certified by TUV in Germany to the German safety code BGV C1. The VPLT trade association in Germany, in collaboration with insurance, trade, and occupational safety bodies, has established categories of chain hoists for use in the entertainment industry of which BGV C1 is the most stringent.

BGV C1 allows for holding and movement of loads above people. Where people are below a load, this allows for assembly, disassembly, and setup, load holding, and staging processes involving movement. (Be aware that specific local regulations may not allow these uses. Always check with your local authorities.)

The codes that cover the design and testing of hoists to allow BGV C1 certification exceed the requirements of AS1418.

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