ASM Chain Motors & Steel Band Hoists

ASM hoists are certified by TUV in Germany to the German safety code BGV C1.

BGV C1 allows for holding and movement of loads above people. Where people are below a load, this allows for assembly, disassembly, and setup, load holding, and staging processes involving movement. (Be aware that specific local regulations may not allow these uses. Always check with your local authorities.)

The codes that cover the design and testing of hoists to allow BGV C1 certification exceed the requirements of AS1418.

Chain Hoists

Chain Hoists

Two particular innovations make ASM chain hoists an industry leader in safety and performance.


A dynamically irreversible gearbox with a patented safety catch eliminates the need for traditional disc brakes, and gives smooth acceleration and deceleration of loads mechanically, without the use of any electronic controls.


The design of ASMs patented X nut chain drive virtually eliminates the chain bounce associated with traditional chain nuts, allowing unusually smooth and virtually silent movement.

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Steel Band Hoists

Steel Band Hoists

An innovative means of load-carrying in stage technology.


The ASM BGV C1 Steel Band Hoists use 'steel band technology' where a flat steel band (think thick steel tape measure) is used as the lifting medium instead of wire rope or chain. This is typically 0.4-0.5mm thick and between 20 and 60mm wide. The band has a 10:1 safety factor, making it a safer option for lifting overhead.


Steel bands do not stretch and wear like a wire rope, are extremely robust, and have especially good high speed features.


Key Advantages:

- Very quick, noiseless, and smooth running
- Long life (recommended replacement period 10 years) and easy replacement of the band
- No elongation of the carrier
- Carrier free of lubricants (various colour coatings possible)
- Non-spinning carrier
- Reel winding - light and compact machines despite long hoisting heights
- The carrier is almost invisible with appropriate adjustment

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