Steel Band Hoists

Steel Band Hoists

An innovative means of load-carrying in stage technology.


The ASM BGV C1 Steel Band Hoists use 'steel band technology' where a flat steel band (think thick steel tape measure) is used as the lifting medium instead of wire rope or chain. This is typically 0.4-0.5mm thick and between 20 and 60mm wide. The band has a 10:1 safety factor, making it a safer option for lifting overhead.


Steel bands do not stretch and wear like a wire rope, are extremely robust, and have especially good high speed features.


Key Advantages:

- Very quick, noiseless, and smooth running
- Long life (recommended replacement period 10 years) and easy replacement of the band
- No elongation of the carrier
- Carrier free of lubricants (various colour coatings possible)
- Non-spinning carrier
- Reel winding - light and compact machines despite long hoisting heights
- The carrier is almost invisible with appropriate adjustment

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