ASM Hoist Control Systems

The ubiquitous loud and clunky chain hoists used by the production industry for decades are making way for a new genre of equipment that prescribes to the modern industry requirements of safe, quieter, faster more robust and programmable lifting methods. The need to move loads during a show into an exact pre-prescribed position for effect purposes; over an audience or invisibly to enhance production values has driven the need for these products.

ASM's range of Chain Motors and Steel Band Hoists deliver on all these requirements.

The dramatic increase in safety required by these applications has also driven the need for a totally new approach to equipment safety specification. The VLPTin Germany, in collaboration with insurance, trade and occupational safety bodies has established categories of chain hoists for use in the entertainment industry of which BGV C1 is the most stringent.

Jands Solutions

Jands Solutions

All the ASM chain motors and hoists distributed by Jands are certified by TUV Germany as being compliant with safety code BGV C1. The codes that cover the design and testing of hoists to allow BGV C1 certification exceed the requirements of AS1418.


Jands is the exclusive Australian distributor for the ASM brand of innovative products for use in the entertainment industry. With the availability of such exceptional products, Jands Theatre Projects is able to deliver hoist control solutions for even the most sophisticated and complex theatrical applications.

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