BSS Digital Signal Processors

Long before networked digital audio, BSS Audio gained its reputation for elegant-sounding signal processing and crossovers.

BSS have leveraged this analogue expertise into what many believe are the best-sounding digital signal processing algorithms available. Youíre getting digital processing closely based on the acclaimed sound of BSS's DPR-402.

From automixers to graphic and parametric EQs, from duckers to delays, you can hear the BSS Audio difference.

Bottom Line: BSS is a highly-regarded crossover and analogue signal processing company who started out making digital signal processing devices, not a DSP company who ventured into the complex world of high-end professional audio.

Soundweb London BLU

BSS Soundweb London BLU

The BSS Soundweb Original Series sent ripples through the sound contracting world. The first large-scale system to offer a distributed, programmable DSP system with robust capabilities and simple controls on a single Cat 5 cable. The same philosophy is at the heart of the Soundweb London. Moreover, the experience with, and suggestions from thousands of clients have enabled BSS Audio to enhance Soundweb Londonís power and flexibility to unprecedented levels.

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Soundweb London BLU-50

The BLU-50 is a half-rack width processor that offers a fixed configuration of four inputs and four outputs, configurable signal processing, logic processing and BLU link. The device can be powered with the included 12VDC power supply but can accept 12-48VDC via a terminal block connector. 

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Green - Soundweb (Original)

The Soundweb Original system fast became an industry standard for networked, programmable DSP systems. It continues to provide straight-forward design, installation and control of sophisticated sound systems. Forming the standard of countless audio installations in; night clubs, live music venues, theme parks, sports stadiums, leisure venues and corporate board rooms.

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