BSS Graphic Equalisers

The FCS Series is the graphic equaliser of choice among some of the biggest names in the touring business. Dual operation accommodates both Wide Q for room Contouring and narrow Q for monitoring on each channel.

When you consider the FCS series’ proven history of quality and reliability as well as their impressive feature set, you understand why so many industry veterans include these equalisers in their racks.

FCS Series

BSS FCS Series

Of all the features that distinguish the FCS series among professional-grade equalisers, Constant Q filters are probably the most prominent. Compared to the earlier “gyrator” style of filters, Constant Q filters provide a smoother and more predictable interaction between adjacent faders, and the resulting EQ curve more closely resembles the actual fader’s positions. And each fader on the FCS equalisers has +/- 15dB of adjustable gain, more than many competitive graphic equalisers.

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