Cablenet - The virtual floor for safe high level access

The high ceilings of buildings designed for the performing arts allow for dramatic acoustics and lighting. However, this height means that lighting rigs and sound systems can be difficult to access and maintain.

The Cablenet ‘virtual floor®’ from Slingco – a high level access platform woven from steel wire rope – has revolutionised the way in which access is provided to high level services in an increasing number of theatres, concert halls, arts centres, exhibition halls, schools and other public buildings.

Eliminating the need for fixed position walkway structures or scaffold towers to provide overhead access to lighting and rigging equipment, the Cablenet system creates an all-encompassing floor. These permanent high level structures are virtually invisible from ground level and cast no shadow from stage lighting positioned above.

Most important of all, they’re strong enough to carry the weight of sound and lighting teams and provide the perfect platform to rig through.

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