Cablenet Applications

Virtually any layout or room shape can be accommodated and Cablenet high level platform installations range from small, compact virtual floors® to platforms covering thousands of square metres. The inherent flexibility of the Cablenet system means it can also accommodate existing features such as columns or other structural supports, making it ideal for heritage buildings.

Jands Solutions

Jands Solutions

Contact Jands directly for all your Cablenet needs. Jands work in close partnership with architects, theatre consultants and main contractors, and can provide as much advice and support as you need, from initial load calculations and computer modelling through to the design, construction and installation of the complete Cablenet system.

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Jands Install First Cablenet System In Australia

State Theatre Centre WA CableNet

The State Theatre Centre of Western Australia has been fitted with two Cablenet Tension Wire Grids, which provide a safe high level access platform for theatre technicians to carry out settings and adjustments to lighting and sound equipment.

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Jands Install Cablenet System Into Southern Cross Catholic Vocational College


In November 2010, Jands completed their second installation of a Cablenet system in Australia.

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