Cablenet Tensile Structures

The flexibility provided by Slingco’s virtual floor comes to the fore at multi-purpose venues, where lighting or rigging requirements for different configurations - e.g. end-stage, thrust or in-the-round - can be quickly and easily configured to meet the different requirements of theatre, drama, music, conferences and exhibitions.

Virtually any layout or room shape can be accommodated. The inherent flexibility of the Cablenet system means it can also accommodate existing features such as columns or other structural supports, making it ideal for heritage buildings.

Cablenet tension wire grid platforms are woven from stainless or galvanised steel wire rope and come in two basic forms, each of which has its own benefits.

Modular System

CableNet Modular System

The ‘modular system’, in which a number of standard grids are installed, one by one, to fill the space required. The modular design provides greater load capacity than the single frame system and can accommodate any size of installation. It is however heavier and can restrict lighting opportunities.

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Single Frame System

Cable Net Single Frame System

The ‘single frame’ system, in which a single net is custom designed to fit specific shapes, sizes or other requirements. The single frame system, whilst limited in size to a maximum single area of around 625sq.m, is lighter than the modular system and has little intrusive steelwork.

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