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CX Magazine Chroma-Q Color Force II Review

June 2017

CX Magazine (Issue 126) review Chroma-Q's Color Force II.

Chroma-Q's Color Force has sold very well, now this second version amps up the output by at least 40 percent. This increases the throw, lighting a cyc of up to 12 metres, compared to 8m previously.

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CX Magazine Chroma-Q Inspire LED House Light Review

CX Magazine Issue 89

February 2014

CX review Chroma-Q's Inspire LED House Light.

We've well and truly reached a point where LED is a viable light source for both professional and architectural applications. Given house lighting has a foot in each of those camps, LED solutions make a lot of sense. Frequently house lighting is mounted in hard to access locations, making servicing an expensive proposition. A fixture which never requires service is a good option.

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CX Magazine Chroma-Q Color Block 2 Review

CX Magazine Issue 45

September 2009

CX review Chroma-Q's Color Block 2.

LED lighting technology seems to be going from strength, with each new product answering some of the deficiencies of its forebears. The Color Block 2 combines some tried and true technology with clever ideas to achieve some great results.

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CX Magazine Chroma-Q Color Charge Review

CX 60 June 2011

June 2011

CX review Chroma-Q's Color Charge.

The Color Charge LED fixture has brought a new level of efficiency to lighting, battery powered fixtures are now a practical reality.

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CX Magazine Chroma-Q Studio Force V 12 Phosphor Review

CX Magazine Issue 84

August 2013

CX review Chroma-Q's Studio Force V 12 Phosphor.

The Studio Force has LEDs but they don't actually produce the light output of the unit. They excite a phosphor panel, which then generates the light that is output.

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