Chroma-Q LED House Lighting

Imagine being able to transform the look and ambience of your venue completely at the flick of switch. Change from a conference room to softly hued dining room to a colour changing night club all from a single long life, efficient lightsource. Now that would be truly inspirational.


Chroma-Q Inspire

The new Chroma-Q™ Inspire™ LED house light is a powerful multi-purpose creative lighting tool that utilises some of the innovative core technologies found in the incredibly popular Chroma-Q Color Force™ range. The Inspire provides a choice of beautiful whites, soft pastels and bold saturates - all from one fixture.


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Inspire Mini

Chroma-Q Inspire Mini LED

The new Chroma-Q® Inspire Mini™ LED house light is a powerful and compact, multi-purpose creative lighting tool that compliments the award-winning Inspire™ fixture. The fixture has a wide 65 degree beam angle and features a shorter housing designed for venues with low ceilings or balconies.


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