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CX Magazine Clear-Com FreeSpeak II Review

December 2015

CX review Clear-Com's FreeSpeak II Communications System.

Clear-Com would have to be regarded as one of the main big players in the comms industry, and with a comprehensive array of product spanning wired and wireless point-to-point and partyline systems, it's little wonder.

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CX Magazine Clear-Com HME DX210 Review

CX September 2011

September 2011

CX review Clear-Com's HME DX210 Wireless Communications System.

This is what you get when two comms manufacturers put their heads together to create a new wireless kit.

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CX Magazine Clear-Com HelixNet Partyline Review

CX 79

March 2013

CX review Clear-Com's HelixNet Partyline Communications System.

Partyline systems have long been popular in theatre and countless other live production situations. The basic principle of Partyline is that it runs on XLR cables, with the shield carrying ground, another pin carrying power, and the third transmitting and receiving unbalanced audio. If you need multiple channels, you add conductors to the cable and pins to the XLR.

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