Clear-Com HelixNet

HelixNet is an all-digital platform based on the groundbreaking I.V.Core Technology that delivers superior audio quality through the use of wideband CODECS, low latency from an intelligent decision engine, and noise-reduction and error-recovery through proprietary algorithms optimised for human voice characteristics.

All HelixNet platform products were designed to provide the same user experience: the same legendary “Clear-Com Sound”, networking flexibility, ease of operations and simplified cabling.

HelixNet Intercom

HelixNet Intercom

Communication technology for today’s productions must be highly advanced and more dynamic than ever before, and yet continue to deliver the simplicity of the plug-and-play intercom systems of the past. HelixNet™, based on the award-winning Clear-Com I.V.Core Technology that delivers the clear audio experience of professional-grade intercoms and inherit flexibility of IP, is a platform of intercom products designed to offer simplified user operations and cabling requirements, ease-of-set-up and system management, unparalleled voice intelligibility, networking flexibility and system intelligence.

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