Clear-Com IP Communications

Whether for an OB van in the field, a remote bureau of a broadcast network across an ocean, or a large facility spread across multiple buildings, Clear-Com offers the most advanced connectivity solutions to link matrices to matrices and matrix to panels over large distances.


Clear-Com SOFT-VoICE

SOFT-VoICE is a virtual PC panel that connects to the intercom matrix over the IP network or Internet. It is a PC application that will connect to the Clear-Com VoICE 2.0 interface at the matrix site.

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VoICE 2.0

Clear-Com VoICE 2.0

Clear-Com VoICE 2.0 (Voice over IP Communication Equipment) solution takes advantage of Internet Protocol and leverages the growing availability of virtual private networks and the internet to lower operating costs for wide area linked matrices and panel users.

Each 4-way VoICE interface frame when operating back to back with other frames provides multiple connectivity opportunities.

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Clear-Com Concert

Clear-Com Concert is a breakthrough IP-based voice conferencing system that employs the innovative I.V.Core technology and market-proven audio quality standards experienced in mission-critical settings such as broadcast and live events.

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LQ Series

The LQ-Series are compact interface boxes that can connect 2-wire and 4-wire audio and call signalling over IP networks. 

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