Signal Transport Solutions

Whether for an OB van in the field, a remote bureau of a broadcast network across an ocean, or a large facility spread across multiple buildings, Clear-Com offers the most advanced connectivity solutions to link matrices to matrices and matrix to panels over large distances.

ProGrid Audio Devices

The PG-Audio devices are 1RU digital audio I/O interface devices for the ProGrid Signal Transport Solution. PG-Audio devices transport analogue audio and data signals in a variety of ways that can be customized to fit user needs.

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ProGrid Digital Devices

ProGrid digital device consists of interface devices with MADI input and output ports or AES/EBU ports. All PG2-MADI devices have two MADI input and two MADI output ports, allowing the transmission of up to 128 input and 128 output digital audio channels. 

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ProGrid Intercom Devices

All PG-Intercom devices allow seamless integration of intercom audio and control data from Clear-Com and RTS/Telex intercom panels, interfaces and matrices. The PG-Intercom devices are available in two different hardware configurations, RS422 for Clear-Com and RS485 for RTS/Telex.

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