dbx Ethernet AVB

It is clear that audio systems in the future will rely upon the now ubiquitous networking technologies that have developed over the last 25 years. Network infrastructure and innovation has enabled audio systems to become easier to install, more flexible, and more reliable. Harman is working with several organisations including the IEEE and the AVnu Alliance to ensure these future systems will be built on a solid technological foundation. That foundation is a new IEEE Ethernet standard called Ethernet AVB. However, networked audio alone is not enough; additional flexibility often increases complexity, and that added complexity can make systems harder to use. Harman understands that relying on old methods of computer-controlled audio artificially limits what is possible with Ethernet AVB, so we invented an entirely new way to control audio on the computer. System Architect 2 incorporates user defined knowledge from the physical world to control the virtual audio world. This is the future of high performance audio.


dbx DriveRack Series

The SC Ethernet AVB Factory Option Card for dbx SC 32 / SC 64 Digital Matrix Processors--allows SC devices to send and receive digital audio and control data through a single RJ-45 port on Cat 5e cable over standard Ethernet networks.


Ethernet AVB is a cutting edge technology which is used to transport hundreds of audio channels over standard networks with guaranteed, timely delivery. In anticipation of Ethernet AVB, the SC 32 and SC 64 were designed with High Speed Option Slots that can accommodate the SC Ethernet AVB Card.

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