dbx Personal Monitor Control

Musicians know they perform better when the monitor mix is dialed in perfectly. Avoid cryptic hand signals between performers and engineers by letting each musician control their own mix with dbx Personal Monitor Control products. 


dbx PMC16

The PMC Personal Monitor Control is a remote control for a digital monitor mix solution. PMC control surface allows users to control their personal mix of 16-channels of audio via BLU link. The PMC's built-in Wizard allows you to quickly set up your digital monitor system including individual panning, effect, tone and level controls savable to 16 user presets. Lexicon courtesy reverb with mix control per station allows everyone to dial in THEIR mix exactly as THEY want it, in real time. For the first time this level of sophistication will be available for the customer, at price they can afford. The PMC works great with Headphones, In-Ear monitors, Powered Wedges and Traditional Wedge monitors.


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dbx TR1616 Output Stage Box

The TR1616 is 16 in, 16 out digital I/O modular building block box that allows the customer to create a digital snake or network to the size they need without confusing addressing or programming required. Just plug and play. You can add additional TR1616s up to 256 channels at 48 kHz (128-Channels at 96kHz). This means you are no longer buying and replacing old systems, lugging heavy and expensive copper, or tracking down hard to find network issues. This unit, along with the PMC16 Personal Monitor Control, brings networked audio to a whole new level for the first-time and can grow with your needs.


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