ETC - A Better Way Of Lighting

At ETC they’re always searching aggressively for a better way to do things. Along the way they found that high density intelligent digital dimming is a better way to control lights. They found that the unique HPL lamp is a better way to create brilliant light in a Source Four luminaire which is in itself a better way to make a spotlight.

ETC is passionate about proving that innovation is a better way than imitation and lighting professionals all over the world are benefiting from ETC’s commitment to technical innovation and excellence.

ETC is constantly changing and adjusting to fit current lighting needs. No matter how much they’ve grown, they’ve stayed true to their creative and hard-driven roots in theatre and lighting design, always maintaining the lighting insider's absolute ethic: the show must go on!

ETC exists to make sure it goes on better than ever. 'All the world's a stage,' and ETC is there to light it.

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