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More and more, architectural lighting is crossing over to the entertainment world searching for the sophistication that performance-style lighting has to offer. ETC Architectural offers powerful lighting packages designed with an emphasis on affordability, flexibility, and scalability to satisfy any venue type. ETC Architectural also includes design services before the sale, and 24/7 technical and customer support after the sale…wherever you are.

Source Four Mini

ETC Source Four Mini

Good things come in small packages. The Source Four Mini™ is everything you expect from the Source Four® brand – ease of use, superior optics, crystal-clear image projection and a bright, even field – but packaged in a tiny fixture that’s just one-third the size of a traditional Source Four. A mere nine inches long, and available in both tungsten and LED, the Source Four Mini can go anywhere: museums, retail outlets, restaurants, light labs, children’s theaters, and other small scale installations where size matters.

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Source Four HID

ETC Source Four HID

Source Four lighting power for architecture! If your architectural space needs the lighting punch and long throws of a theatrical spotlight, or the even, clean wash of a PAR-style fixture, the solution is ETC’s Source Four HID.


With the potent light of a Source Four HID you can draw attention to your interior design and architectural details, call out specific objects and dramatize display spaces, or project interest-grabbing patterns, logos and signage. Source Four HID's long-life 12,000-hour lamp means low maintenance and less lamp change-out, and that's perfect for positions that can't be reached often or easily – like tall museum ceilings or vaulted church areas.

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Source Four XT

ETC Source Four XT

Now take the light you love outdoors: a Source Four for exterior use. ETC’s new Source Four XT is an HID Zoom spotlight that offers the acclaimed operational benefits of Source Fours -- optical acuity, brilliant light output, and energy efficiency, in a housing created specifically for all-weather use. The XT’s durable dust-tight and waterproof industrial design, coupled with a 12,000-hour, 150W high-intensity-discharge lamp, make it ideal for long-term use anywhere. The rugged XT stands up to the elements, meeting stringent electrical-safety standards for wet locations.

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ETC Unison

Unison DR Series Dimmer Racks make professional-quality dimming accessible to any venue. Unison gives you the flexibility to easily program and change the moods, looks and functions of your lighting environment. Used in hotels, restaurants, convention centres and theatres. The DR Series dimming line offers elegant low-profile surface mounting to save you space. Installation, programming and operational ease mean Unison is the best choice for applications where simplicity is high priority. All this, with the world-renowned reliability of ETC dimmers

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