ETC Dimmers

ETC offers a full range of powerful dimming solutions – both new sine wave technologies and time-honoured standard phase control. Always advancing the technology of dimming, ETC offers centralised dimming systems, distributed dimming systems or even hybrid systems for any venue.

CEM3 Power Control

ETC CEM3 Power Control

CEM3 is ETC’s new platform for power control, incorporating nearly 20 years of market feedback. CEM3 is designed to reduce setup time, simplify system backups, and remove all barriers to networking your lighting system! The Sensor3 system continues the Sensor tradition of delivering premium performance and high value for all levels of users. And now with CEM3 in control, you can sit back and enjoy the tech sessions.

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Sensor3 CE Installation Dimmer Racks

ETC Sensor3 CE Installation Racks

Sensor3 is the foundation for a versatile power system that builds on our proven Sensor™ workhorse system with CEM3 control. ETC's Sensor3 Power Control Systems are the performance standard for top theaters, TV studios, and concert halls worldwide. Because a complete range of Sensor3 racks are available, smaller venues like schools and community theaters can also afford Sensor3 excellence.

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Sensor3 Dimmer Modules

ETC Sensor3 ThruPower

Hundreds of thousands of ETC Sensor modules are lighting up venues everywhere. Professionals choose them because they are cost effective and deliver maximum reliability with a minimum failure rate. Known for technical elegance, Sensor3's highly integrated design means fewer parts for fewer failures. And Sensor3's plug-in modularity allows for more configurability, customisation and easy maintenance.

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SmartPack Portable Dimming Systems

ETC SmartPack Portable Dimming System

Responding to the needs of the portable dimming industry, ETC brings the Sensor level of technology to portable dimmer packs with the introduction of SmartPack. The SmartPack line of portable dimmer packs is designed to provide thyristor-based, professional quality dimming in a rugged 19-inch 2U rack mount package.


SmartPack is the simple-to-use lighting-control solution for small theatres or road show applications; bands, DJ's, or dance clubs; nightclub acts, school and church programs.

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SineWave Dimmers

ETC SineWave Dimmers

Hear the music, not the lights. A different approach to dimming – for lighting applications requiring the quietest dimming the entertainment industry offers. Another member of the ETC family of dimming solutions, Sensor + Sinewave systems produce a pure sine wave output for any lighting load and eliminate the inherent problems with forward and reverse phase control: harmonics and acoustical interference. No harmonic distortion also means lower power costs.

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Unison Dimmer Racks

ETC Unison Dimmer Racks

Unison DR Series Dimming Racks offer professional-quality dimming at a fraction of the cost.
Unison gives you the flexibility to easily program and change moods, looks and functions of your lighting environment. Used in theatres, hotels, restaurants, and convention centres, the DR Series Dimming line offers elegant low-profile surface-mounting to save you space. Unison's integrated back-lit control electronics make reading easy in dark spaces. And for more convenience, you can use Unison DR as a stand-alone DMX dimming rack or add the architectural station processor. All this, together with the world-renowned reliability of ETC dimmers.

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