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Introducing a whole new way of thinking about LED luminaires - the Selador™ Series by ETC.

Go beyond effects lighting and give your theatre effective LED luminaires that can be trusted in every application - from key, fill and side light to colour washes and cyc lighting. Selador Series fixtures perform to your standards for warm and cool white light, soft tints, rich pastels, and intense primary colours, all without sacrificing the energy efficiency and long life you expect from LEDs.

Every Selador luminaire is versatile enough to provide a broad range of colour and white light, but each is optimised for a specific lighting task. The Selador Series is carefully designed to give you the right fixture to solve the problems you encounter every day - with fewer compromises.

The Selador Series features three lines of LED luminaires — Paletta™, Lustr™ and Vivid™ — each optimised for a particular entertainment-lighting task: deep primaries and blends, soft pastels, brilliant white, and a rainbow in between. Selador's x7 Color System™ seven-hue technology produces a light and colour quality that conventional LED systems cannot duplicate. This unique colour system produces bright broad spectrum whites and intense colours equally well, rendering pigments and skin tones in a more natural way.

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Source Four LED

ETC Source Four LED

Source Four quality light… from an LED. Source Four LED luminaires are the best of both worlds: the familiarity and optics of the trusted Source Four brands combined with the efficiency and colour control of the ETC Selador Desire line of LED luminaires. This stunning new fixture is available in three versions: Source Four CE LED Lustr+™, Source Four CE LED Daylight™, and Source Four CE LED Tungsten™, bringing bright white light plus brilliant colours and energy-saving efficiency to all types of installations.

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ETC Selador Desire

No more digitised lighting. LED light does not have to be ugly.


LEDs have changed the lighting world forever, but don’t let them disrupt the quality of your lighting. ETC designed the Desire line of fixtures to integrate seamlessly into your designs. We focused on creating the most beautiful coloured and white lighting, and made specialised LED fixtures for each specific lighting task.


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ETC Selador Lustr

Finally -- bright pure white from an LED fixture, plus cool hues and warm colours for natural skin tones.


Lustr® is the white light specialist in the Selador® Series. Think watercolours – warm or cool pure white light slowly evolving into the softest tints and colour shadings. In Lustr, the x7 Color System™ is optimised to produce theatrical-quality whites and tints that render pigments and skin tones in their natural appearance. For key and fill light applications the Lustr features a yoke for one- and two-cell fixtures as well as frosted optics for a soft beam of light that blends well with your existing Source Fours®. The Lustr’s subtle tinting capability is also the perfect solution for lighting scenery.

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ETC Selador Paletta

Lush, soft washes of pastel colour evoking the likes of Lee 111 or Apollo 3600, blending seamlessly with tungsten gel-coloured fixtures.


Paletta™ is the jewel-tone specialist in the Selador™ Series. Think artist’s pastels – deep, rich colours softly washing and blending. Paletta combines the x7 Color System™ and a finely-tuned array of Luxeon® Rebel LEDs with soft diffused optics to offer an incredible range of richly saturated colours and pastels simply not available in conventional LED fixtures. Go ahead and dig deep into your swatch book for your favourite magentas and lavenders – Paletta is there to deliver.

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Shade your eyes. The bold saturated colors you love, recreated in a high-intensity and energy-saving LED beams.


Vivid-R is the color and intensity powerhouse in the Selador™ Series. Think oil paints - a luminaire with the kind of brilliant, bold saturated color that only LEDs can deliver. Vivid-R combines high-power Luxeon® Rebel LEDs and high-efficiency lenses for a strong, cutting beam of light and maximum color production. And with the low heat output of the Selador Series, you can have your colors blazing without ever overheating your talent. Vivid-R provides even higher light output than the original Vivid fixture -- while using less power!

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Vivid Fire & Ice

ETC Selador Vivid Fire And Ice

The passionate colors of fire and ice. Vivid™ high-wattage brightness with low-wattage LED efficiency.

The Vivid Fire and Vivid Ice LED illuminators continue the intense powerhouse color of ETC’s Selador Series fixtures. Fire burns with an unequalled light intensity across the warm red-orange-yellow palette, while Ice cools down the stage with brilliant, soulful shades of blue. This is not about balance and moderation in lighting design -- these are the extremes of color passion.

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ETC Selador Pearl

Going green? Limited power? Choose Pearl for white light applications.


Pearl takes advantage of the best traits of the newest white LED offerings. Combining simplicity of use and the powerful output of white LEDs, Pearl provides a bright white light for studio and stage. Pearl provides a carefully chosen mix of warm white (3200K) and cool white (5700K) LEDs that can be variably adjusted to provide just the right color temperature of white light – for the eye or the camera.

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