ETC Moving Lights

Source Four-brand lighting fixtures are the first choice of entertainment-lighting professionals worldwide. No other lights provide such lighting punch while keeping heat generation to a minimum and providing radical energy savings. And Source Four optics has yet to be surpassed in imaging excellence. These are the world's best lights – with more than two million units shining brightly in entertainment venues across the globe – outperforming and outlasting all others.

Source Four Revolution Luminaires

ETC Source Four Revolution

Imagine a high performance Source Four zoom profile spot equipped with motorized pan, tilt, zoom, on-board dimming, and colour scroller - all of the automated parameters needed for the theatrical lighting designer. Couple that with an exclusive QuietDrive™ motor control -- for amazing low-noise performance. That’s Source Four Revolution. You need additional beam control? Revolution’s two module bays accept any two of the four optional beam-control modules. And these modules insert without tools or fixture disassembly. All modules are auto-sensing and require no patching or internal configuration changes to the fixture. True “plug-and-play” convenience!

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