Furman Power Sequencers

Power Sequencing is useful whenever various kinds of equipment must be powered up or down in groups, rather than all simultaneously. In audio systems, sequenced powering is often necessary to allow turn-on transients from low level amplifiers and processors to settle down before any power amps are turned on, because simultaneous powering would result in a loud, annoying, and potentially destructive "pop" reaching the speakers. And, in any large system whose components present an inductive load to the AC line (including electric motors, power supplies, and power amplifiers of all kinds), sequenced powering can avoid excessive inrush currents than can cause circuit breakers to trip even though the steady-state currents are not excessive. Power sequencing is particularly suited to applications where large installations must be switched by inexperienced personnel.

Power Sequencers

Furman Power Sequencer

Furman's sequencers, feature their revolutionary SMP technology. Furmanís Series Multi-Stage Protection (SMP) circuit features our exclusive Linear Filtering Technology (LiFT) and Auto-Reset Extreme Voltage Shutdown (E.V.S.). Together, these technologies comprise what is, without question, the world's most advanced and comprehensive transient voltage surge suppressor.


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