Gala Under Stage Lifting Systems

With an extensive range of theatrical lifts to meet all your challenging vertical needs, a GALA Spiralift is the basic component of some of the best world-renowned orchestra, stage and piano lifts. For 30 years, Gala Systems has been creating compact and versatile theatrical under stage lifting devices for theatres, auditoriums, concert halls, casinos and multipurpose venues.

GALA's Spiralift technology can transform single stages into multiple, dynamic platforms; and create orchestra pits where none were visible on the level floor.

GALA's Spiralift requires relative low-power motor drives thanks to its very high mechanical efficiency. They can be easily configured in modular designs to suit any platform geometry and building architecture. Multiple Spiralift units can be linked to the same drive train and mechanically synchronised.


Gala Systems Spiralift


The Spiralift, the world's most compact lifting system, employs a coiled, flexible, flat steel spring (slinky) that expands with the insertion of a thin, vertically-oriented spiral steel band. The result is a stable, fully adjustable column formed of continuously integrated, I-shaped sections.


Spiralift is available in different column diameters, lifting capacities and speeds, and lift heights.

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Gala Systems Spiralift Video


Watch the Spiralift in action here.


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