Providing innovative products and solutions since 1970

Jands Pty Ltd is an Australian owned privately held and proudly independent company founded in 1970. Jands manufactures and a range of JANDS branded Lighting and Staging products.

Jands branded lighting dimmers and control consoles are exported worldwide, are found in some of the most prestigious international venues, and are used by a large number of high profile international touring artists.

Jands Staging division designs and manufactures complete solutions for the modern theatre and presentation space.


No one knows lighting like we do.

Jands have been designing, building and operating lighting equipment since we made our first dimmer in 1970. Since then, our products have become a standard feature of lighting rigs the world over.

Whatever country you’re in, ask an industry professional about Jands products and you’ll get the same response: ‘reliable, good value, solid and dependable, go-anywhere do-anything, noise-free, just better.’

Since we don’t just offer our own lighting equipment (we import the best lighting products available from other manufacturers as well) we can offer you the most professional and best possible lighting solution.


The complete staging service.

If you’re building or outfitting a stage, the last thing you want is to have to deal with multiple providers. This is why Jands offers a complete staging service.

What does complete mean? It means we do everything ourselves, from making the curtains, finding or building the right machinery and installing the equipment. No matter what you want to do on your stage, we can work out the best combination of equipment to meet your needs.

Best of all, with Jands you’re dealing direct with the factory: we build to purpose, your purpose, and all of our staging equipment is built to Australian Safety Standards, or obtained from the world leaders in theatrical equipment.

Whether you want just a set of curtains for the school hall, or a completely automated stage for a world-class theatrical venue, Jands can do it all.

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