The Jands HPD represents a fully featured power product designed for the remote control of all dimmable mains powered equipment.

The HPD will operate from a nominal 100 to 240VAC supply with a variety of output connector options. Additionally the HPD may be powered from two phase power supplies while maintaining equal numbers of channels per phase, and will operate from mains power supply frequencies of between 40 and 66Hz with no setting changes.

The HPD has been designed with flexibility and ease of use as a priority. The high brightness display ensures the product is easy to use in dark environments, while the feature set has been optimised for use in all applications.

The HPD provides many features found in top-end products. Current control algorithms reduce the instance of circuit breaker dropouts due to cold lamp inrush, while dual speed-controlled fans, extremely high performance mains filtering, and a soft overtemperature cut-out eliminate problems before they appear to the operator. DMX RDM support is provided.


Feature List

  • DMX-512 digital control protocol with RDM functionality allows remote configuration and status readback.
  • Soft over-temperature cut-out
  • Dual temperature controlled DC fans
  • Third-order active filters eliminate mains noise issues
  • DMX-512 address by start channel
  • Inbuilt DMX-512 terminator
  • Two DMX snapshots (scenes)
  • Dimming curve set for linear relationship between control input and output power
  • Multiple phase power operation modes
  • Low acoustic/electrical noise
  • Operates from wide mains supplies 100V to 230VAC, 40 to 66Hz
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