The Jands WMX is a high quality wall mounting 12 channel 2.4KVA per channel dimmer rack specifically designed for contracting/theatre applications. A simple menu is used to access the configuration and test options making the product ideal for schools and general installation use.


Feature List

  • High contrast three digit 7 segment display
  • Simple operation
  • Built in test facilities
  • Opto fired triac control
  • Smart current-control software prevents nuisance tripping of circuit breakers
  • Circuit breaker protection
  • Stand alone operation with channel level control
  • DMX start address selected by start channel, in banks of 12
  • Over-temperature detect
  • Over-voltage cut off protection
  • Last DMX value held for 11 minutes if control data is interrupted
  • CTick
  • Available with Australian socket or hard wired outlets
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