Fabrics & Drapes

The things that make Jands theatrical drapes stand out from the rest can be summarised in four words: elegance, reliability, longevity, safety.

Where other drapes will lose their colour, begin shredding threads or start to become transparent, Jands curtains retain their original look and feel for far longer. Why? Because we only choose the best-quality materials and the colour most suited to your venue, then expertly sew and hang the drapes to ensure they retain their original condition for as long as possible. We take great pride in our ability to design and install theatrical drapes so they have the longest possible life.

All our drapes are manufactured with fire safety* as a first priority. We only build safe drapes, and what other kind would you want?

*For theatrical drapes, current BCA Regulations require compliance with AS 1530 Part 3 (pertaining to spread of flame and smoke developed indices) and for NSW, additionally, compliance with AS 1530 Part 2 pertaining to the flammability index. Please note that fabrics used for non-curtain wall treatments now require compliance with other standards. Contact Jands for further details.

Jands Custom Sewing

Jands Custom Sewing

Jands Theatre Projects are the premier supplier of custom drapes and fabric products for the Australian theatrical market. Our large purpose built sewing room, staffed by an experienced team of seamstresses, allows Jands to fulfil very large and complex orders. We are happy to quote on any size job, and can offer a free site measurement on application.

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Standard fabrics stocked by Jands Theatre Projects include Wool, Velvet, Velour, Molten, Blackout, Filled Cloth, Sharkstooth, Lycra, Scenery Netting, Canvas/Nessel and Chromakey. Specialised, non-standard fabrics can also be sourced by request. All fabrics can be sold raw or made up to specification in the purpose built Jands Sewing Room.

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Tracking & Hardware

Jands MP402 Curtain Runner

Jands Curtain Tracks, ("JH" Heavy Duty and "JT" Medium Duty) have become industry standards over the past 15 years. The range enables any theatrical or public space to be equipped with a robust and long lasting tracking system. Utilising "JS" accessories, compound curves and very long runs can be easily assembled. Contact Jands for further assistance in design or correct choice of product for your application.

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