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CX Magazine JANDS Vista M1 Review

CX 79

March 2013

CX review the JANDS Vista M1 Lighting Console.

Jands make really nice hardware. This applies across the board, from the full size Vista consoles down to the Stage CL console. It all feels good, and the M1 control surface is no exception. Its very compact our test unit shipped over to the CX Bunker in a Pelican case (a 1520, not one of the huge 1600 series), and there was still some air space inside.

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CX Magazine JANDS Stage CL Review

CX 76 November 2012

November 2012

CX review the JANDS Stage CL LED Lighting Console.

The Stage 12/24 from Jands was a good example of a simple thing done really well. The Stage CL follows in its footsteps, yet at the same time it's like a bigger brother in that it does more.

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CX Magazine JANDS HPC Dimmer Review

CX 60 June 2011

June 2011

CX review the JANDS HPC Dimmer.

The new Jands HPC series dimmer is the latest addition to the popular HP range, and now includes Air Gap Technology.

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CX Magazine JANDS SLX-100 Review

October 2010

CX review JANDS SLX-100 Motorised Lighting Batten.

Motorised lighting battens are nothing new, but a one size fits all version is. The new 'hoist in a box' from JANDS makes a complex business simple.

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CX Magazine JANDS 4PAK-D Review

CX Magazine Issue 41

March 2009

CX review JANDS 4PAK-D Dimmer.

The JANDS 4PAK-D has been, in its own small way, one of the mainstays of this industry for many years. In its latest incarnation, 4PAK-D gets smart.

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CX Magazine JANDS HUB XCD Review

March 2016

CX review the Jands HUB XCD Power Control System.

With LED light sources rapidly gaining traction in the lighting market it's only logical that an inherent need for new power distribution and switching solutions will follow. The Jands HUB XCD is designed to address not only this requirement, but also the crossover from conventionally dimmed units to LED sources.

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