JLX-Lite Overview

Jands JLX-LITE Lighting Bar



Need a lighting bar that is economical, quick to install and designed to meet all eletrical and safety regulations? Introducing the Jands JLX-LITE - a lightweight lighting bar system that has been designed with ease of installation in mind.

The JLX-LITE is intended for static installations such as school halls, clubs, ballrooms and exhibition spaces and designed to be installed by a licensed electrician.

The JLX-LITE Lighting Bar system consists of a base plate and aluminium side panels. The base plate is segregated allowing you to run both power and data along the bar avoiding electrical interference and guaranteeing compliance with Australian electrical regulations.

A variety, and generous distribution, of fixing holes means that the JLX-LITE can be either flush mounted to the ceiling or suspended when using industry standard threaded rod. This helps the bar blend into the room, particularly when you have the option of both black and white*.

JLX-LITE modules come in 1.6m or 2.4m long ducts, with an underhung aluminium 48.4mm OD tube that are supplied singly or in packs of 4.

Feature List

  • Durable construction, lightweight with black or white finish.
  • Distributed Loads of (up to) 50kg/m and Point Loads of(up to) 50kg.
  • Two module lengths, 1.6m with 4 outlets and 2.4m with 6 outlets for simple user customised solutions from standard building blocks.
  • Multiple mounting holes to assist static installations.
  • 10A standard outlets.
  • Cable knock-outs for alternative cable entry points.
  • ELV knock-outs for industry standard fittings.


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