JLX-Pro Overview


The Jands JLX-PRO is a modular pre-wired lighting bar system featuring a central load-bearing extrusion with aluminium side panels, forming two mechanically and electrically segregated wiring compartments.

Top and bottom strut channels accept accessories for fixing to wire ropes, chains, RHS or pipe battens, and fixed supports.

JLX-PRO modules are supplied as 2.35, 3.5 or 4.7m long ducts, with an underhung aluminium 48.4mm OD tube. 230V 10A outlets are provided along one side of the module at low (780mm), medium (590mm) or high (390mm) density centres, wired to top mounted 19 pin inlets.

A range of multi core cabling options are available and supplied separately. These include 19 pin to 19 pin extension cables (available in 2.5m increments from 15m to 25m length) and adaptors for 19 pin to discrete plugs or sockets (“tails” & “headers”).

Each JLX-PRO module is fitted with JANDS SB Plates, which, in conjunction with an optional top mounted universal inlet panel, allow easy installation of Extra Low Voltage services on the “reverse” side of the module.

The JLX-PRO Lighting Bar can carry distributed loads of (up to) 100kg/m and point loads of (up to) 100kg, depending on installation or rigging configurations.

The Jands JLX-PRO Lighting Bar is designed to comply with the electrical safety requirements of AS3100:2002 and is designed for use as a lifting beam to AS4991:2004, Classification C2.


Feature List

  • Proprietary extruded aluminium spine for strength (Registered Design No. 302249)
  • Durable construction & black low sheen finish.
  • Distributed Loads of (up to) 100kg/m & Point Loads of (up to) 100kg.
  • Three module lengths (2.35, 3.5 & 4.7m) and three outlet densities (low, medium & high) for simple usercustomised solutions from standard building blocks.
  • Kits for flying from ropes or chains, for suspending from battens and for fixed installations.
  • Industry standard Socapex cables, headers & tails.
  • 10A (standard) & 20A (optional) outlets available.
  • Compatible with Jands WM range of patch panels.
  • User configurable Extra Low Voltage compartment using Jands SB Plates and universal inlet kit.


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