Lighting Control Consoles

The Jands range of lighting control consoles are respected around the world as robust, well featured and easy to operate. The consoles range from the small Stage controls to the flagship Vista range.

Jands Vista

Jands Vista L5

Timeline based Lighting Control. When it was released in 2004, the Jands Vista changed the way lighting is done forever. The Vista brings a whole new world of speed, ease of use and sheer intuitiveness to the world of lighting. Once you've tried it, we reckon you'll never want to go back to the old number-crunching grind. The Vista is fundamentally different from existing consoles in three major ways. First, it introduces a ‘timeline’ that provides a complete picture and total control of lighting events. Second, it takes a totally new approach to the user interface making the Vista incredibly easy to use. Third, the Vista uses a generic fixture model that takes all the hassle out of changing fixtures and makes programming fully transportable.

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Jands Stage CL - Made for LEDs

Jands Stage CL

The Stage range of controls, are basic control consoles designed for use in small to medium sized venues where ease of use and budget are paramount.

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