Jands Vista

Imagine if you didn't have to convert your mental picture into a complex series of numbers, and then spend ages punching them in. Imagine if you could create lighting effects the way you'd create a painting - with broad brush strokes.

Well finally someone has built a console with you, the lighting designer and operator, in mind. A console that releases your creativity by removing all the hassle and tedious hack work of programming, a console that is fast and easy to use.

That console is the Jands Vista, and it will completely change the way you create your lightshows. Once you've tried it, we reckon you'll never want to go back to the old number-crunching grind.

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Vista L5

Jands Vista L5

The Vista L5 is our flagship lighting console and the latest addition to the revolutionary Jands Vista range of consoles and control surfaces. If youíve never tried a Vista, or youíre looking to upgrade or expand, the L5 is the ideal choice.

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Vista T2

Jands Vista T2

Sometimes you need all the sophistication and power of a full-scale desk, but you simply donít require that many live controls. If youíre working with shows like this, but you still want the ease and sophistication of the Vista T4, the T2 is the model for you.

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Vista I3

Jands Vista I3

When our customers said they wanted a compact, portable, economical version of the Vista T series, we listened. The result is the Jands Vista I3. The I3 is an incredibly compact and powerful lighting console that provides the software, the processor and the control elements of the Vista console. All you have to do is connect a screen, keyboard and mouse and youíve got a fully operational Vista with exactly the same software and feature set as the full-size console.

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Vista S3

Jands Vista S3

The Jands Vista S3 is a compact version of the Vista that puts all the revolutionary features of the full-scale console into a desk you can fit under your arm. Designed to be used with your desktop or laptop, the S3 is a Vista without the computer hardware components: we provide the software and the control surface, you provide the computer. Install the software, connect your PC to the S3 with a USB cable, and you've got a fully-operational Vista console.

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Vista S1

Jands Vista S1

The Vista S1 is a small and portable control surface thatís ideal if you have to travel a lot to deliver your shows, or if your venue doesnít need lots of playbacks or has limited space. Designed to be used with a laptop, the S1 is a powerful and flexible live control surface thatís compact enough to qualify as carry-on luggage. But donít be fooled by its sizeÖthe S1 is packed full of features.

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Vista M1

Jands Vista M1

The Vista M1 is an ultra-compact and extremely cost-effective playback-only Vista control surface. The M1 is ideal for situations where you can do your programming in advance on your PC, but you still want hardware to control the playback of your show. Designed to be used with a laptop, the M1 gives you all the playback benefits of a Vista show in a compact and portable package thatís perfect for trade show booths, hotels, clubs or any venue where space is tight.


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Vista D1

Jands Vista D1

The Jands Vista D1 expands the DMX processing capabilities of the entire Vista range. The rack mount D1 connects via Ethernet to a Vista console, Windows or Mac system and provides an additional 8192 channels (16 DMX universes). For even bigger systems just add more D1s.

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Vista Apps

Vista v2 Software

To make it as easy as possible for you to design your shows whenever and wherever you are, Jands offers a software-only version of the Vista. Designed to run on a laptop or desktop computer, the Vista App looks and works in exactly the same way as the console, all thatís missing is the desk itself!

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