HUB Power Control System

Jands is pleased to introduce the HUB Power Control System, available in two variants: the HUB SDP which offers 12 contactor/dimmer circuits with 12 direct power distributors; while the HUB XCD is a more robust Power Distribution unit. Maximising the benefits of lighting technology and the introduction of "green" requirements, Jands HUB allows venues to easily integrate the control of the stage power and a mixed inventory of LED and traditional lighting into the building management infrastructure.


The Hub SDP integrates 12 fully controllable contactor/dimmer circuits and 12 direct power distribution in one chassis.

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The Hub XCD is ideal for complex installations where more control may be required. The Hub XCD has a dimmer and contactor pair per channel and can be configured to be on, off or to act as a dimmer.

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Completing the Hub Power Management system is the Jands HUB-Patch. It is a wall mounting output patch system intended for use in theatres and other performance spaces.

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