JBL - The professionals choice for over half a century

The Professional Choice in Australia for Over Half a Century

Since the mid 1940s, JBL has been widely regarded as the world’s finest professional loudspeaker manufacturer. This reputation is built on a platform of technical innovation that delivers reliability and quality of sound. Founded in 1946, JBL pioneered the production of heavy-duty transducers for concert use. In 1969, Woodstock was powered by JBL, and as the sound reinforcement industry grew, JBL speakers became the product of choice for musicians, touring sound companies, stadiums and clubs worldwide.

Play back the last 50 years of music and motion picture recording and one name stands alone: JBL. Before THX and Dolby, before stereo and even hi-fi, there was JBL speakers. Today, their well-earned reputation has placed the speakers in 70% of all professional institutions, including legendary recording studios, famous concert venues and premier movie houses. Throughout those 50 years of technical breakthroughs, award-winning designs and continuing innovations, the facts still remain: JBL speakers continue to be the one benchmark for quality and the singular reference for accuracy in the play back of recorded sounds; the leader, the innovator, the authority.

JBL strives to blend groundbreaking acoustic technologies, new components, market trends and the needs of performers to create the most advanced products available today. From the lightweight extremely portable EON system and the stunning realism of the Linear Spatial Technology studio monitors, through to the thundering power of the Vertec series, JBL has a product for all those serious about their audio.

Jands proudly supplies a wide array of JBL speakers in Australia, including JBL Pro. Browse our range to discover high-quality equipment that suits your needs.

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