Public Address Mixers

The JBL Commercial® CSM-21 and CSM-32 mixers were specifically designed to provide signal routing flexibility and multiple audio source control. To facilitate this, JBL has equipped the mixers with a wide array of input and output capabilities.

These features allow you to bring the same audio quality that many of your patrons are used to hearing at home into your place of business. The CSM mixers have been designed to make them easier to operate than any other product in their class. In reality, the feature set provided by the CSM mixers puts them in a class all by themselves.

JBL Commercial CSM Public Address Mixers

JBL Commercial Series Mixers

The JBL CSM-32 and CSM-21 Commercial Series Mixers provide an entry-level, cost-effective approach to commercial audio applications such as retail, hospitality, and conferencing. These mixers can be configured for a range of uses such as paging, background music, and security applications.

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