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JBL has amassed more experience in designing and building transducers for professional studio monitors than any other company. They not only use the latest engineering and design equipment, but also the most important test device of all: the human ear. JBL believe in physics, not fads, so while other companies pick parts off somebody else’s shelf, they create their components from scratch. And by utilising over 60 years of experience in transducer design, they create the perfect transducer for each system, ensuring you can rely on JBL studio monitors and speakers to deliver the best performance. Take a look at our range of studio monitors and speakers from this brand, including the JBL series from Control 1 through to 5.

M2 Series


Addressing the growing need for high dynamic range and reference-monitor accuracy in a broad range of studios, JBL has developed the M2 Master Reference Monitor: a free-standing, 2-way system that can be placed in any environment to provide an exceptionally accurate monitoring experience. Leveraging a new generation of JBL high-output, ultra-low distortion transducers, the M2 provides in-room frequency response of 20 Hz to 40 kHz, and an extraordinary 123 dB maximum SPL to meet the demanding music, cinema and broadcast production requirements for impactful dynamic range.


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3 Series

JBL 3 Series

Delivering professional performance at affordable price points, 3 Series Powered Studio Monitors are the first to incorporate an exciting new technology, the Image Control Waveguide. In conjunction with 3 Series high-performance transducers and system components, the Image Control Waveguide lets you hear detail and depth in recordings as you've never heard before.

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Control 1 Pro Series

JBL Control 1 Pro Series

Need the legendary JBL professional performance housed in a compact form-factor? The JBL Control 1 Pro features a professional crossover network coupled with professional drivers, making it ideal for even the most demanding near-field audio applications. The JBL Control 1 Pro's updated crossover network design provides steeper crossover slopes for exceptional sonic performance and improved consistency throughout the listening area. The included wall-mount bracket enables the unit to be secured against a wall or other flat surface. Moreover, the rugged molded enclosure houses magnetically shielded transducers, making the JBL Control 1 Pro well-suited for use with video and computer monitors, as well as other magnetically sensitive equipment.

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Control 2P Series

JBL Control 2P Series

The Control 2P Compact Powered Reference Monitor System combines JBL’s legendary loudspeaker design with powerful amplification to deliver rich, accurate performance for the most demanding audio applications. The compact design, rugged enclosure, and professional feature-set of this JBL monitor make it ideal for desk-top recording and video production, audio visual presentations, professional broadcast applications, and monitoring of electronic musical instruments.

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Control 5 Series

JBL Control Contractor 5 Series

The Control Series is pure JBL, combining high-performance, compact design and rugged construction into a line of loudspeaker systems with unprecedented versatility. The Control Series is also one of the easiest systems to install anywhere, making these JBL studio monitors a smart choice. Perfect for applications where tight corners and tough angles are all too common, the Control Series features a wide variety of available mounting systems, allowing enclosures to be easily positioned for optimum performance.

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LSR4300 Series

JBL LSR4300 Series

Introducing the new JBL LSR4300 Studio Monitors, featuring RMC™ Room Mode Correction – JBL's exclusive technology that automatically analyses and corrects the response of each speaker in the room for absolute accuracy at the mix position. These are the first studio monitors with powerful network intelligence built into each speaker. Specifically designed to deliver an accurate mix in any room, the LSR4300's are the ultimate monitor for modern production studios. The LSR4300 models feature stunning JBL sound, provide accurate mixes in any workspace, and are priced well within the reach of any project studio. The first self aware monitoring system, they're the best choice for music, post, broadcast, Surround 5.1, and beyond.

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LSR6300 Series

JBL LSR6300 Series

The award-winning JBL LSR6300 Series professional loudspeakers deliver the exceptional accuracy and performance needed in demanding music, post-audio and broadcast applications. Each model provides ultra-flat response as well as extraordinary SPL capability and technology to optimise performance in any size production environment. All of the JBL studio speakers in this series are also shielded, ready for mounting and THX® pm3T approved.

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MSC1 Monitor System Controller

JBL MSC1 Monitor System Controller

Command all control room monitoring functions right from your mix position with the JBL MSC1 Monitor System Controller. In a convenient desk-top form-factor, the MSC1 provides essential “monitor strip” features found in large mixing consoles. Since the acoustics of your room can play a big part in what you hear, the MSC1 includes JBL's highly acclaimed RMC Room Mode Correction Technology. The end-result is a calibrated reference environment in which your speakers work in harmony with your room to take the guesswork out of mixing. Thanks to RMC, you can tune your monitor system for greater clarity at the mix position, ensuring that with the MSC1, you’re clearly in control. This controller also includes a Calibration Microphone and MSC1 Control Centre Software.


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