VTX Series


Of all the achievements JBL has made over the years, the VTX Series stands as a milestone in the practical application of creative engineering. The next generation in line arrays, JBL VTX heralds a new era in performance, system integration and user friendliness.

Exceptional Performance in a Compact Form

Backed by multiple patents in driver, waveguide and suspension technology, VTX is also supported by technologies from Harman Professional sister companies for amplification, DSP, control, and system management. In addition to high performance components, VTX also benefits from JBL’s high-performance engineering support – the human factor and technical tools that are key to the proper specification and configuration of the VTX system in any venue, anywhere in the world.

The VTX Series is a result of JBL’s continued effort to deliver more powerful and flexible sound reinforcement systems that are also more compact and lightweight. Designed for portable and fixed-venue system operators alike, JBL VTX features JBL’s legendary sound quality coupled with the most advanced sound reinforcement technology and support available.

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