Lexicon Digital Effects Processor

Lexicon processors have been embraced as the standard in professional signal processing since the introduction of the 480 Digital Effects Processor Series, which has retained tremendous popularity over the past 17 years. It has since been replaced as the standard in professional signal processing by the 960 Series. Lexiconís commitment to the audio professional and content delivery ensures an unbroken chain between the artist and the audience.

PCM Series

Lexicon PCM Series

For over 30 years, Lexicon has been considered the pioneer in digital audio effects. With more experience than any other manufacturer, itís no surprise that the PCM Digital Effects Processor Series represents the most advanced systems in its class. Lexiconís unique dual DSP platform enables the PCM Series to combine reverb with powerful, flexible and reliable effects. 

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MX Series

Lexicon MX Series

Whether youíre looking for raw processing power with instant front-panel access for live performing, or seeking rich, smooth and complex processing algorithms in the studio, Lexicon brings the best of both worlds together in the MX Series. Designed with both live sound reinforcement and home recording in mind, the MX Series features the deep, rich reverb and effects algorithms that built the Lexicon legend, and adds increased versatility with specialty effects and dbx dynamics.

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960 Series

The sound of today Ė and tomorrow. Multi-channel sound is home ground for Lexicon. For almost as long as it has been a leader in professional digital audio technology, Lexicon has been at the forefront of consumer audio Ė its line digital controllers and processors have become the envy of the consumer electronics industry.

The heart of the 960 Series is an upgradable DSP powerhouse with eight analogue and digital inputs and outputs as standard. The 960 Digital Effects System Series is the future. Hear it today.

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