Optocore - High quality optical fibre network systems

Optocore is a patented synchronous optical ring network with built in redundancy, capable of transporting audio, video, computer data and word clock over long distances. All the various Optocore modules can be combined to offer maximum flexibility in terms of set up/layout, number of channels, kind of signals. Any signal is available at any point of the network; routing and control is achieved from any point via dedicated software or media-access.

Optocore’s optical network system was specially designed to meet the requirements of the professional live audio, light shows, broadcast, studio, installation and video industries. That is, applications requiring a wide dynamic range, negligible distortion and extremely low noise. Due to the multiple advantages, it can be used everywhere where exceptionally high transmission quality, high performance and high security networks are required.

The system offers a unique flexible and scalable dual redundant ring structure providing maximum safety in a user-friendly network with an exceptionally low latency time whilst using the smallest possible number of optical fibres.

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