The Path Ahead: Pathway Connectivity

Pathway Connectivity is the leading data communications company in the entertainment lighting industry. The largest and senior company in the business, Pathway has been defining the future of lighting network functionality for more than a decade.

Pathway Connectivity’s proven record for reliable innovation has enabled customers to create ever more spectacular visual experiences for live audiences worldwide. Pathway Connectivity designs, manufactures and supports an innovative family of products that enables the operation of sophisticated stage lighting systems. Pathway Connectivity persistently stretches the realm of the possible, by creating breakthrough products that are dependable and easy to use.

Pathway Connectivity earned its reputation by expanding the functionality of DMX systems – teaching old systems new tricks. Now they’re creating next-generation lighting networks with open system products that harness the power and convenience of Ethernet.

Pathway Connectivity manufacture lighting control and communication devices, but what they really create is reliability. In the live performance environment, where uncertainty and risk abound, Pathway Connectivity delivers peace of mind. They are relentless in their product development and testing to ensure rock solid reliability.

Pathway Connectivity – Reliable. Powerful. Available. One Less Thing To Worry About!

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