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Pathway Connectivity has played an instrumental role in defining the future of entertainment lighting networks for more than a decade. They have witnessed (and helped to drive) an exponential expansion in the functionality of equipment on DMX512 networks, and consequently the size of the market for DMX equipment.

Now, as we look to an exciting Ethernet future, there are much greater advances just around the corner. These developments have huge ramifications for both new and legacy entertainment venues. The core element in Pathway Connectivity's contribution to the Ethernet-DMX world is Pathport, the smart Ethernet node that was first introduced to rave reviews and a Product of the Year award at LDI 2000. Pathport gives you the opportunity to exploit the potential of Ethernet and extends the useful life of your existing and future DMX equipment.

Pathport is ACN and RDM ready. This means that RDM enabled devices connected to a Pathport network are able to extend their RDM features over the network. Supplementary software (plug-ins) for Pathport Manager helps arrange and manage RDM data into a user-friendly, informative and relevant display. A Pathport Manager plug-in for High End Systems moving lights was introduced as far back as LDI 2001. This was the first-ever demonstration of a working RDM-type implementation, and what's more, it functioned over a hybrid DMX-Ethernet network.

Pathport allows facilities to migrate to Ethernet technology without having to replace existing DMX hardware. Furthermore, it does so without the need for expensive custom cables or power supplies. By addressing both current and future protocols (DMX512, RDM and ACN) it is a future proof solution to data management for modern performance lighting applications. Pathport removes the need for third party mergers, isolators and other data management devices by incorporating all this functionality in the one easy-to-use system, saving you time and money.

Pathway Connectivity and Pathport open the door to the next millennium for the performance lighting world.

Pathport Networked DMX Products

Pathway Pathport Networked DMX Products

Provides both DMX-over-Ethernet capabilities and powerful must-have DMX management features. Pathway Connectivity’s Pathport series of Ethernet DMX distribution nodes are available as a wall-mount, rack-mount or portable unit. A number of models in this range are available in Australia.


Pathport® Uno is a single port DMX node providing access to Pathport DMX management and distribution. Compared to other Pathport models, Pathport Uno is ideal for venues and applications where simple, single DMX ports are appropriate. Pathport C-series nodes are suitable for permanent wall installation or portable use. The Pathport D-series is a full-function wall mount version of the popular Pathport® DMX node. Designed specifically for connection to permanent equipment such as dimmer racks and relay panels.  The Pathport R-series is a compact, rack mountable version of the popular Pathport® DMX management  tool. The Pathport DMX Manager Plus! is a rack mountable or tabletop node with four ports. Each port can be user designated as input or output providing true flexibility. Or use it as a four-port gateway on or off the Ethernet backbone.  Even merge sources using different protocols!


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eDIN Products

Pathway eDIN Products

DIN rail provides an easy way to mount devices in custom enclosures or racks.  A number of models in this range are available in Australia.


The Pathway 1003 eDIN Contact Closure interface provides DMX controlled relay switch closures for both power and signal level switching. The DIN form factor makes installation in your own enclosures or cabinets fast and easy.  Pathway 1007 eDIN DMX Merger will combine two DMX sources into a single DMX stream on  a highest-takes-precedence or priority basis. Or one source can be appended after the other.  The DIN form factor makes installation in your own enclosures or cabinets fast and easy. The eDIN Rack Mount Panel Kits provide a way to create custom rack mountable eDIN assemblies. The 1001 eDIN 30W Power Supply is also available.


Pathway eDIN Enclosures are a great way to install your eDIN modules. Available in two sizes, eDIN enclosures can accommodate several modules and a power supply.

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Pathway Opto-Splitters

Opto-Splitters permit DMX signals to fan out from a single location, while providing isolation from line faults. The DMX Repeater Pro is a professional level opto-splitter with a suite of powerful features, including RDM support. Three personalities provide unrivalled functionality in one box. Brings ethernet-type features to DMX-only networks.

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Modular Receptacles - Inserts

Pathway Modular Receptacles - Inserts

Solutions for data distribution and connection. The Pathway 5101 Pathway Male 5 Pin XLR Insert with Terminals and Pathway 5102 Pathway Female 5 Pin XLR Insert with Terminals are available in Australia.

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DMX Interfaces

DMX isn't just for dimming. Put your DMX to work! Pathway’s DMX Manager Plus! goes well beyond the role of conventional DMX mergers by providing four ports that can be configured as inputs or outputs, depending on your application.

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