Pathport Networked DMX Products

Pathway Pathport Networked DMX Products

Provides both DMX-over-Ethernet capabilities and powerful must-have DMX management features. Pathway Connectivity’s Pathport series of Ethernet DMX distribution nodes are available as a wall-mount, rack-mount or portable unit. A number of models in this range are available in Australia.


Pathport® Uno is a single port DMX node providing access to Pathport DMX management and distribution. Compared to other Pathport models, Pathport Uno is ideal for venues and applications where simple, single DMX ports are appropriate. Pathport C-series nodes are suitable for permanent wall installation or portable use. The Pathport D-series is a full-function wall mount version of the popular Pathport® DMX node. Designed specifically for connection to permanent equipment such as dimmer racks and relay panels.  The Pathport R-series is a compact, rack mountable version of the popular Pathport® DMX management  tool. The Pathport DMX Manager Plus! is a rack mountable or tabletop node with four ports. Each port can be user designated as input or output providing true flexibility. Or use it as a four-port gateway on or off the Ethernet backbone.  Even merge sources using different protocols!


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