The presence, the delivery, the impact. Shure Legendary Performance

The Presence, the Delivery, the Impact – Shure Legendary Performance

Recognised as the industry’s leading microphone manufacturer, no other microphone company has the Shure depth of engineering horsepower and industry knowledge. For over 80 years, Shure has been helping the world’s finest communicators, entertainers, singers and musicians to capture and communicate their sound to their audience.

Shure’s products empower people to capture the attention and imagination of an audience. They design and build trusted audio equipment that enables individuals and groups to reach out to multitudes and make a difference – profoundly, intimately, personally and with Impact.

Shure microphones, wireless systems and in-ear monitors are used by most major artists world-wide. Shure microphones are also found in most recording studios worldwide, and have probably been used in the process of recording your favourite album. The gooseneck microphones and Automatic mixers can be found in many courtrooms, lecture theatres, cathedrals and government chambers around the world. Shure Broadcast and Video-production products are also used by many major broadcasters and film-makers, and can often be seen on television interviews. Recent innovations include computer-controlled digital feedback reduction and computer monitoring and control of wireless microphones.

For over 75 years, Shure has maintained an unbroken connection to the legacy of amplified communication. These products have played an important role in many historical events and have become the industry standards to which others are compared – from the vocalist’s SM58 Shure microphone to the turntablist’s M-447 cartridge.

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