Shure Counterfeit Education

In today’s online world the spread of counterfeit products has gone global and the range of goods being copied is increasing significantly. Counterfeiters illegally copy leading brands for financial advantage and unfortunately they are targeting some of the top selling Shure products, in particular the SM58 and SM57. Like all counterfeit products, they may look like the real thing but the counterfeit knockoffs are made with inferior cheap components resulting in poor audio performance. Given the audio quality is so poor you may wonder why the trade in counterfeits has increased in recent time. We have found that customers are often tempted into buying fake product because the prices are so cheap and they say they looked like the real thing. If the price sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

Validate Your Shure Product


Have you got bought a genuine Shure product? Validate your Shure item here.


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How Can I Tell If My Shure Is Fake?

CX August 2011 Shure Fake Article

CX goes undercover to reveal that parallel imported Shure products may well be dangerous fakes.

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Spotting A Shure SM57 Clone

Shure SM57 Imposter

Audio Technology Tutorial: AT reader and active AT Forum member, Matt Dever, took to modifying some of his SM57s, only to uncover the fact he actually owned a couple of the infamous SM57 clones.

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Shure Raids Wholesale Outlet & Warehouse in China, Seizes More Than 8,500 Counterfeit Earphones

HONG KONG, CHINA, January 7, 2009: Shure Incorporated today announced that it has struck two further blows in the company’s fight against counterfeiting as a result of close cooperation with Chinese authorities.

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