Shure Personal Monitoring Systems

Whether you're playing live or rehearsing, you need to hear yourself to ensure you are sounding your best. Shure’s Personal Monitoring System (PSM) allows you to locate and lock in the clearest frequency and put your own music in ears reach. Shure has set the standard when it comes to wired, wireless and in ear monitor systems.

PSM 200 Personal Monitor System

Shure PSM 200

Some performers still struggle with booming floor wedge monitors and loud stage volume during a performance. Fortunately, the Shure PSM 200 in ear monitor system is a breakthrough for entry-level performers.


Featuring smart, versatile components that grow with you as your needs change, the Shure PSM 200 series is a practical alternative to floor wedges for performers who want to start out in ear and stay there.

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PSM 300 Stereo Personal Monitor System

The PSM 300 Stereo Personal Monitor System delivers detailed 24-bit digital audio processing and reliable wireless freedom to every corner of the stage. Patented Audio Reference Companding Audio Reference improves wireless sound quality by having a more efficient companding scheme. It ensures the clearest sound, with ultra-low noise and no artefacts. Dependable wireless coverage also extends over 300 ft (90 m) of range and eliminates dropouts.

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PSM 900 Personal Monitor System

Shure PSM 900

The Shure PSM 900 in ear monitor system offers an unprecedented combination of superb audio quality, robust RF performance, and category-leading features for the most demanding professional applications. All new, patent-pending CueMode allows the sound engineer to monitor different stage mixes with the touch of a button.


Precision front-end RF filtering significantly reduces dropouts from RF interference, and the enhanced digital stereo encoder provides excellent stereo separation and audio clarity.

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PSM 1000 Personal Monitor System

Shure PSM 1000

The Shure PSM®1000 features advanced automated functions, best-in-class RF filtering, and networked control via Shure Wireless Workbench® 6. With its full-rack dual transmitter and ultra-slim diversity bodypack, this is the choice for premier events and prestige tours.


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