Shure Recording Microphones

Solid reliability and superior sound have made Shure recording microphones the definition of tried-and-true. Thatís why Shure microphones have been so legendary for so long. Developed to meet the needs of studio recording musicians, the warm, rich sound of Shure recording microphones delivers exceptional performance, tailored to provide vivid reproduction of voice for the most critical recordings.

KSM Series Studio Microphones

Shure KSM Series Studio Microphones

KSM Shure Studio microphones deliver world-class mastery of sound reproduction from exquisite electro-acoustical design and technology. Crafted from premium components, each KSM microphone is designed to capture and control the detailed sonic nuance of critical studio performance while withstanding the punishment of the most accomplished and demanding live sound reinforcement.

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PG Series Microphones

Shure PG Series Microphones

PG Microphones are the entry point to professional Shure quality, ruggedness and sound. With a wide selection of vocal, instrument and drum microphones, including XLR and USB side-address condenser models, PG Microphones are ideal for rehearsal, performing and recording.

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SM Series Microphones

Shure SM Series Microphones

SM Microphones are equal to the demands of high-energy performance, proven time and time again through decades of rigorous use by performers and engineers of all experience levels.


In live performance and recording applications, SM Microphones are legendary, providing a virtually indestructible professional utility.

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Beta 27 Instrument Microphone

Shure Beta 27 Microphone

The Beta 27 is unique in the industry as the only side-address, supercardioid condenser microphone thatís designed for professional sound reinforcement.

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