Shure PGXD Wireless System Reviews

Audio Technology Shure PGXD Digital Wireless System Review

Audio Technology 87

August 2012

Audio Technology (Issue 89) review Shure's PGX-D Digital Wireless System.


Shure do things very well and this new entry-level digital wireless system sets the standard for exciting performance and extreme simplicity.

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Australian Guitar Shure PGXD Wireless Review

Australian Guitar 89

January 2012

Australian Guitar review Shure's PGX Digital Wireless System.


Shure's latest wireless system uses digital technology to help you lock on and rock out. Let's cut the cord and crank out some riffs.

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CX Magazine PGX Digital Microphone Review

CX Magazine Issue 56

December 2010

CX Magazine review Shure's PGX Digital Wireless System.


RF, AF, PGX, and now a whole lot of ones and zeroes. But no BS.

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